Despite the fact that this is not the mainaspect to help you distinguish a reliable hosting company from a bad one and a reseller from an actual provider, the option to call and speak with a live person is a sign that you aren't working with a one-person company and that you can get in touch with someone any time you're looking for assistance. The telephone support for web hosting services may range from common to experienced, therefore the issues which can be resolved through a phone call vary depending on the company. In most cases, these matters are simpler and feature billing or 1st level technical issues because more difficult matters generally require a support ticket where both you and the sysadmins can follow what's going on with a specific situation. Nevertheless, being able to phone call your supplier will save you considerable time and efforts for the multitude of small things that may eventually appear at the time you manage your website hosting account.
Phone Support in Hosting
As we have live phone support 14 hrs a day, you'll be able to get in touch with us and speak with one of our customer support representatives to learn more about any of the hosting that we supply and ensure that our servers match the system requirements for your web sites before purchasing anything. For your benefit, we now have telephone numbers on three continents and you're able to call the one closer to you - in the United States of America, the United Kingdom or Australia. If you are already a customer, you'll be able to phone us about general and billing matters, and about some technical ones. If the situation is strictly technical or it needs longer time to analyze, you'll have to go through our ticketing system, that will allow both you and our technical support team to track the details provided by each side.
Phone Support in Semi-dedicated Servers
With 14 hours-a-day telephone support, you can be sure that there is always someone to assist you if you have any queries about the semi-dedicated server packages that we offer. Whether you need to know more about our packages, you have some billing issue or some general issue, you can call us. Despite the fact that some more complex problems may require a ticket to give some time to our technical support crew to analyze, we are able to help you with various technical questions over the phone as well, saving you precious time and efforts. Since we have data centers on three different continents - in the USA, Great Britain and Australia, we have local telephone lines in these countries as well. If you are in a different country, we have a global number where you'll be able to contact us.