Using outdated apps or templates and plug-ins for them, or using very simple passwords is always dangerous for your Internet sites as these things make it easier hack them. Things get worse if you have a few different websites since all of them will be in danger when an attacker takes over only one of them. For this reason we've developed JailHost - an advanced level security option which isolates websites from each other. In case an Internet site gets compromised, its attacker will be unable to see or gain access to any other content outside the site folder, so all other Internet sites part of the account will be protected and will be intact. Using the JailHost option cannot substitute carrying out frequent script updates or using complex passwords, but it will minimize the damage to your websites significantly, so you will have to fix only one site rather than all of them.
JailHost in Hosting
You can take advantage of JailHost with each and every hosting plan that we offer and protect your websites against attacks quick and easy. Every single domain and subdomain in the Hepsia Control Panel that is provided with our packages has a different folder and contrary to what can often happen with many other Control Panels, the content is not mixed up inside a single main folder, so maintaining your websites separate will be much simpler. Activating JailHost for any website takes just a couple of clicks, so even when you don't have a lot of experience, you will not need any specific skills in order to keep your Internet sites protected. The option is not active by default in case that you'd like to use a script which requires accessibility to a different folder in your account. In case you use JailHost, the remaining sites that you have will be protected, but even a hacked one will not remain affected for long because we'll have several daily backup copies for it at all times, so that we could quickly recover it.
JailHost in Semi-dedicated Servers
Our semi-dedicated server plans come with JailHost integrated by default. This option is not enabled automatically when you add a domain name because you may want to use a certain script that accesses different folders in the account, but you can activate it effortlessly via your Hepsia Control Panel and protect the rest of your websites with just a couple of clicks. Hepsia is much better to use if you have multiple websites as it keeps them in separate folders and doesn't keep the files for several sites in the very same folder like it often happens with many other Control Panels. This allows us to offer you JailHost as all of the folders can be isolated from one another. If any of your websites is hacked, we will promptly restore it using the several daily backup copies which we will keep and meanwhile your attacker won't be able to do further damage as the access to your other Internet sites will be blocked.